Thursday, February 24, 2011

Switch it, Change it, Rearrange it

Lately I have been adding little things to my room to make it more interesting. If you've ever been in my room you know that I could land a helicopter in there, so it's kind of hard to fill the space but I make it work.

I added a few pillows on my bed:
Hung these cute pictures in my room courtesy to Zee Zee
The other day Karly informed me that they look like germs, thanks.
I also hung these vintagey frames:
My room is quite mis-matched but somehow it all fits together!

And I can't help the need to share the excellent view out my window:
More room coming soon


Denice said...

Pretty sure you have the best roominthehouse. Wanna trade?

Jamie said...

LOVE your Pillows!!
And I'm sure you made them!
You should make them for me too!