Sunday, March 8, 2009

Medieval Feast!

Every year the sixth grade has a medieval feast! This year it was my turn! Our grade spent one month doing projects and learning about the "middle ages". I really enjoyed those times! The feast was great! Everybody brought one thing and Kimberly Roy decorated! (I helped decorate!) It looked amazing! Our school cafeteria made chicken and fromw each class there was a queen and a king! From my class Matt was the King and Ashley was the queen! Ashley is one of the tallest girls in our class and Matt is the short one! During the feast people had to do a talent! I played the harp and I was so nervous! Everybody sat with their friends and of course we had th dress up! I recommend not wearing a dress that is a little bit too big and also has a huge hoop at the bottom for 7 hours! Sorry I don't have any pictures!