Sunday, February 14, 2010


on friday night my cheer team got to perform at out high school basketball game! it was so fun! i love to perform! here are the pictures my mom got!

the start of the dance/cheer!

more stunts!
more stunting!

and more stunts!!
this one is my favorite stunt! it looks so cool!
I love cheer and im glad i made it on the team!


window view with candle corner
item: necklacenew perspective:
item: Juicy Couture perfumenew perspective:
well that was fun. what to do now?

w-i-n, win t-wolves win!

two weeks ago i had a cheer competition! anneka and i on the bus
anneka and i again
waiting for awards... so anxious!!
we ended up getting second place! thats good right? no. if there was more than 2 teams then yes its great.

love sacs

a few weeks ago me, karly and karter were bored so we played around with the love sacs!
self timer-one, two, three, JUMP! eh not that easy most turned out like this:
but we got a few good ones!