Wednesday, December 30, 2009

snow :)

i absolutely love snow & winter! there are so many fun things to do!
-make snowmen
-drink hot cocoa
-wear boots, sweaters, scarves ect.
-all the neighbors bring over christmas goodies... :)

i love winter and i hope it snows a ton!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Photography and A Spoonful of Halloween

Lately I have been into photography! Heres just a few pictures! me!
The mountain!

Temple & Sunset!sunset!yes I was the genie!

Bijou Market! My sister Kenzie sells the headband that im wearing she has all sorts of different colors check it out! (

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer 2009!

lake powell
cayman photoshoot

kortni did my hair!
and crazy eyes.....
glorious Cayman sunset

California American Girl Doll store
soaking up the sun
Beautiful ocean hair
Family home evening I had tons of fun this Summer and I am for sure looking forward to next summer!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lots and LOTS of pictures!

these are poctures from about two years ago to now! enjoy!
Utchdorf and his wife at a Jazz game! who knew?!

at the jazz game! Me Ashley Tidsdale Kenzie Vaneessa Hudgens and Karissa

the childrens parade

all of us with our tatoos

fourth of July!

my cousin kendis and I got the same money sign tatoo in Lake Powell

a bike for my birthday!

kortni and i at my birthday dinner!

my birthday party!

pizza place on labor day

red mango on labor day!

color me mine on labor day

photo shoot at our ranch

before we went into the chocolate festival

we went to this chocolate festival and they were handing out choco late cupcakes Karson was excited!!

Kangaroo Zoo with our cousins from california! Cameron me Saylor Ella Karson Ariana Taylor Karly Karter Madison Peyton and Kody!

karter and karson in their glasses!

i dont know if you can tell but karter got a peach and wrapped it up in tape!

waiting at the airport ready to go to mexico!

me in Mexico!

Rebecca Me Snow White Karly and Rachel!

disneyland! Rebecca, Karly Jasmine Alladin me and Rachel!

i love this picture!

friends are the best!

daryl me and savannah!

Savannah and i!

daryl and i!


hawaii again!

on Sunday at kyler's farewell!

kyler and i before he left!

we ate breakfast at magelby's fresh befor kyler left!

taylor mrs miller and i!

savannah me and abbey!!

daryl me and savannah!

daryl, me, kenzie, taylor, karter, kortni and karly at my graduation!

i decided to hop into this one!


i hope you liked them!