Monday, January 19, 2009


A lot of you might have seen me wearing my crocheted flower headband a few days ago a few people asked me where I got it. I got it from Bryn Bateman. I would upload a picture of one but it's not quite working right now. Bryn does have a blog it is,
Check them out they are WAY cute!!

Bryn in a headband

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dancing Goals!

A few days ago I went to my dance class. I remembered how I am not very flexible! I thought up a couple goals for dance. Number one, get my splits flat!! Number two, once my splits flat, I am going to try and have a PERFECTLY straight leap! Number three, this doesn't have to do with flexibility but I almost have it but it is, instead of one pirouette (pir-o-wet I think) turn do a double turn!! I can't wait to accomplish these goals!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Long Time Away.......

I know my birthday is a long ways away, August 22, but I guess I can start asking now!! Anyways, the main thing I want is a CELL PHONE!! PLEASE?!?! So mom and dad you guys might want to get it while the "after Christmas sale" is going on so you can get it cheeper!! Haha no, kidding but here are a few phones I am hoping to get,
                      #1 iPhone 3G in Black
              Phone # 2 : AT&T Quickfire in Orange or Green

Phone # 2: Blue BlackBerry Pearl
Those are the MAIN three that I am hoping to get!!
I just figured out that there is 6 Months and 35 Days from Thursday until my birthday!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is most of my family skiing on December 31 2008!! The last time in 2008 to ski!!
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2009 is Here!!

Wow 2008 went by fast!! Last night we had all this food including a chocolate fondue fountain (YUM!) a meat tray chips and a whole buunch of other junky foods!! EVERY year we have that tradition of all the food!! Also, we have a tradition where we play Dance Dance Revolution pretty much ALL night!! Savannah and Daryl came over and hung out, it was a BLAST!! So, I hope you all had a great time and...........