Sunday, January 3, 2010

chicken pox.

first of all, happy new year! i am so excited to start a new year and just start fresh! on thursday morning i had a few little red dots on my arms a such but i didnt think anything of it. over christmas break my brother had the chicken pox. i thought i wasnt gonna get them because i had already had them twice! but when i showed my mom the dots she said youve got chicken pox for sure! i was thinking, "what ive already had them twice, is this really the third time?!" that is the worst news a twelve year old could hear a few hours before new years eve! that didnt stop me really though... i asked my mom if someone could still come over and she told me as long as their parents dont care! so i told this one girl and she was planning on coming over but then her cousin came over and she was all worried that she was gonna get it, anyways so she didnt come over. i was sad about it but i still had a good night with my family! we always have a feast from a chocolate fountain :) to a meat tray, pretty much everything you can think of!

so right now this would be my fifth day. did i mention 5 other kids in my family have it and my grandma! its crazy!
day 2

day 3

day 4
and today! these pictures are cheesy i know! but whatever!

here are things that i have loved while ive been sick:
dvd player the first couple of days i just layed in bed so watching movies passes time!
my phone! to play games and text since i dont get to see any of my firends :(this lotion stuff makes it so i dont itch as much!
and this oatmeal bath on sunday i took a bath with this, it also helps with itchiness!

i hope these dots go away by saturday! ive got a cheer competition!