Sunday, February 15, 2009

Any Ideas?

I used to have two beds in my room but now my brother took the one I wasnt using so now, there is just a huge blank spot! Anyways, If you have ANY ideas for that blank spot (by the way my room is painted yellow.) just post a comment and let me know!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you guys have a great Valentines Day!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I went to Mexico! It was way fun!! Karly, Ariana, Taylor my Mom, Dad and I went!This is me swimming with the dolphins, at the end they would come behind you and shoot you up on there noses! so fun!
Me holding the dolphins fins.
There were a couple of parrots at the hotel, a little bit frightening...
Karlos (Karly) and I cuddling!
The ocean was SO warm! It was warmer than most of the pools!

This is me in the FREEZING pool! We had contests to see who could stay in the longest amount of time!Me going into the ocean

A bit hungry...... We went to this fun Mexican restraunt with a Mariachi Band!
Me getting my hair braided
When we went out to eat we found this fountain, we just happened to have our swimsuits on!
Of course we went to church! It was all in Spanish though... This is also at the restraunt I was copying him!!

Here is the Hotel we stayed in it's called, "The Aqua Hotel" At The Aqua Hotel there were 6 pools and one hot tub!Thanks Mom and Dad for taking Us there!

I'm Back!

As a lot of you know I went to Disneyland with My Little sister Karly, My Mom Denice and my moms friend Trini. We kept it a surprise for Karly! We Met with our friends from Arizona. If you haven't heard you can get into Disneyland free on your birthday. Rachel (my friend from arizona) spent her birthday in Disneyland! This is me, Trini had these soft cheetah PJ's and she left them in the bathroom so I decided to try them on!!

(Left to Right) Becca, Karly, Jasmine, Alladin, Me, Rachel!

The first day we got there we ate at Ariel's Grotto! Us with Snow White!

We spent half the time Looking for "Hidden Mickeys"

Don't Know What To Say.....

I haven't been blogging lately so, sorry for that! I don't really know what to talk about though so if you have ANY ideas let me know!!